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Oct 17 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Paul J. Miller
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)
"Transportation and Climate Policy: State - Federal Tensions"

Oct 24 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by Eviatar Bach
University of Maryland
"Local atmosphere–ocean predictability: dynamical origins, lead times, and seasonality"

Oct 25 - 12:00pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Brown Bag by Dr Matthew Hart
Naval Research Laboratory
"Aerosol property measurements at NRL"

Oct 31 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Anindya Wirasatriya
Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia

Nov 7 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Stephen E. Platnick
"Title: Effort to merge MODIS and VIIRS cloud property data records"

Nov 14 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Christopher J. Hennigan
"Aerosol Chemistry in Baltimore: Effects of Agriculture, Industry, and the Urban Heat Island"

Nov 21 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by Dr. Ariel Stein

Dec 5 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by AOSC Undergraduate Students

Apr 30 - 3:30pm - ATL 2400
AOSC Seminar by AOSC Students

Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. The Department, part of the Earth Sciences Program that includes the collocated Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in atmospheric and oceanic sciences, and climate earth sciences.

The department's research strengths are reinforced by strong collaborations leading to joint research topics with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland Departments of the Environment and of Natural Resources, the National Centers for Environmental Prediction of the National Weather Service, the NOAA Satellite and Air Research Laboratories, all of which are located near the campus.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Professor and Chairman

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Posted on August 29, 2019
AOSC Joins LinkedIn

Today AOSC has joined LinkedIn. Please take a moment and follow our page. If you are an alumni and have recently published or had a significant achievement please drop us an email ( We would be happy to promote the work our alumni are doing.

Posted on August 9, 2019
AOSC Ph.D. ’13 Grad Manisha Ganeshan on a career as a climate researcher
WITH a team of two women at its core, ISRO launched its lunar mission Chandrayan 2 on July 22, making India stand tall on the global space exploration map. And, it doesn't stop there. Indian women are now out for global domination as well. From Hollywood to NASA, our women are working everywhere and showing the world the best of us. One such woman is Manisha Ganeshan, a research scientist for Universities Space Research Association (USRA) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

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